Understanding Why Construction Accidents Happen - Find out What Causes Them

It is common knowledge that working on a construction site is considered hazardous. But just because it is true does not mean we should just overlook safety measures, of course not. In fact, since it is considered hazardous, this should be enough reason for construction companies to always do what needs to be done to ensure their employees’ safety.

Here are some of the sources of accidents on construction sites:


Such kinds of accidents usually involve forklifts and dump trucks. They could unintentionally drop the load on someone who happens to be passing by, or hit someone when backing up.


Long-term disability can result from the improper use of step ladders. Falling from a poorly built ladder and being hit by tools that were carelessly left on top of it are some of the examples of accidents involving this.

Unsafe Conditions

When the work area has uncovered trenches and holes, as well as protruding reinforcing bars and stakes, slips and falls are likely to happen.

Trenches and Excavation Sites

The collapse of trenches and excavation walls can result to workers being trapped underneath the ground, causing asphyxiation. If they are not taken out immediately, it could lead to death.


This includes the falling of roofs and construction objects and materials. When there is no proper fall protection given, a fall can lead to very serious injuries, and even death.


When lifting heavy objects, the body becomes prone to injuries brought about by strains and sprains. Many disability claims comprise of such injuries, especially when workers are not aware of or simply not following correct lifting procedures.

Power Tools

Accidents happen when workers do not wear head, eye, and ear protection. Nails and nail guns can cause eye injuries. Welding and cutting can also cause freak accidents resulting to cuts and even amputations.

Although you can never discount the possibility of being involved in an accident at work, you can certainly lower the risks if you take safety measures and use your common sense when you work. Moreover, your company should do what they can to keep your work area safe.